A Prayer on Inauguration Weekend

Each Sunday our church is led in prayer by one of our leaders. This past weekend was particularly sensitive. Here's the prayer from one of Redemption Hill's elders. 

Our Father in heaven - 

You are above all, and your name is hallowed and set apart.

Focus our minds and affections on you today as we worship you for who you are – the Living God.

Remind us today of the true kingdom to which we belong. That we're sojourners – here, for but a moment. And that our highest citizenship and our true home is with you in the time to come.

To that end Father, would you use your people to do your will?

Would you Bless and work also through the hands of our new leaders in government – through our new President, Donald Trump – through his Cabinet, the Congress, and through all of the staff assuming new positions of influence over our nation. May they each serve honorably, in a way pleasing to you, and would you guide them to make wise and just decisions, so that all men and women in our nation might flourish.

Father, we know the heart of every leader is but a stream of water in your hand – and that you turn it wherever you will. We ask that you today would make this nation as it is in heaven – that you would grant us your shalom – your heavenly peace.

In Christ, we know that your power was made perfect in His weakness. That your grace is sufficient. Remind us that power is not what we ought to seek, but the peace and flourishing of our city and nation.

So, Father, we ask that today you give us our daily bread. Many suffer – here in our city, but also throughout the world. Marginalized communities, communities of color, the sick, the elderly, the poor, children, and particularly on this Sunday, we think of the unborn. We pray for your blessing over them spiritually and for their sustenance and protection materially. We pray that our government would reflect your compassion for each.

Father please also forgive us our debts – our sins – our iniquities – our shortsightedness and lack of trust in you and your ways. Forgive us for the lack of patience we can exhibit engaging with each other.

Remind us – daily – that we can stand before you only because of Christ's righteousness, and your forgiveness. Let gratitude in that fact weigh on our hearts, making us eager to reconcile and winsome in promoting truth to each other.

In a moment when our culture is so fraught – help your church to set a distinct tone – one that reflects the power of weakness and reliance on Christ and the promise and supremacy of the Gospel. Help us to be faithfully present – attentive to the concerns of our neighbors, engaged, but both humble and imaginative in pursuing the flourishing of all.

Father, don't allow us to be tempted to believe our salvation can be found in anything but you.

Help us remember that the final step of the long arc you are working out toward justice - will not, in any way, be brought about through our own efforts alone, but through the saving work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

So help us, Father, to advance your story of good news and renewal through gospel-centered worship, community and work in this city - as our response to what you've done for us. 

Father – we know Satan seeks to divide and conquer among us. We pray against his works and effects, we pray for peace, and we pray for wise leadership that leans upon your Holy spirit – so that we might all lead peaceful and quiet lives, godly and dignified in every way.

Be with us today as we continue to worship you – as we rejoice in you! - as we hear from your Word today, and as we move forward in the days to come.

For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory – now and forever – and in Jesus’ name.


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