Assessing Your Freedom in Christ

I pastor a church in the heart of Washington, DC. We meet in a historic building that is about four blocks from the US Capitol, in the neighborhood called Capitol Hill. A lot of attention is focused on our fair city right now. What's funny is that national attention is always focused on the people who were voted in by others and sent here to work, not on the people who call DC their home. 

Our church is politically diverse. While we have our fair share of politicos, we also have folks who work in media, communications, education, defense, non-profits, coffeeshops, and any other job that you'd find in any other city. Still, DC is a company town. We can't escape politics, nor do most of our people want to. Political engagement is important, especially for those who are in positions to work out gospel-informed values for the good of all people through their work on both the right and the left. 

At Redemption Hill we have periodic reminders to assess our freedom in Christ. We ask four questions to assess whether we are finding our hope in Jesus as our King or in politics. If you're a Christian, this is a good week to do some self diagnosis and assess your freedom in Christ.

  1. Are you a member of a political party but not a member of a local church?  This may show where your hope lies. 
  2. Is your joy directly tied directly and primarily to how your political party/candidate does?
  3. Do you spend more time “evangelizing” people, trying to convince them to convert to your political ideology/party, than you do actually trying to win people’s souls, being used of God to bring them to the heavenly kingdom? What does your social media stream look like? Or to ask it a different way, are you more equipped apologetically (to give a defense) for the kingdom of this world, or the kingdom of heaven?
  4. Is your disdain for the other party greater than your disdain for Satan? Or do you consider them to be one and the same?


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