Back to Belfast

Tomorrow I'm headed back to Belfast. This time I get to take Alissa along with me. Back in May I went over to see firsthand what was happening in a church plant we support, Village Belfast. The relationship between RHC and Village is a beautiful reflection of the interconnectedness we see between the churches of the New Testament, as even the churches sent representatives for encouragement (Col. 4:7-9), took up offerings to share God's resources with one another (1 Cor. 16:1-4), and prayed for each other (2 Cor. 9:13-15). In May, Village was heading into a critical phase and Pastor Lucas Parks was developing structures with his leadership team. I had the chance to encourage them in that process. This Sunday Village is installing Elders. This is a major milestone for any church. These two men will be able to stand alongside Pastor Lucas and share the burden of pastoral ministry, as well as provide important support and accountability. I have the tremendous privilege of joining the celebration and giving a charge to the newly appointed Elders.

Please pray for us as we go.

  • That Alissa and I would be a great encouragement to Lucas and Su, and to our other brothers and sisters in Village
  • For the men stepping into eldership, that they would find joy in their calling
  • For our kids and the incredible people caring for them while we are gone this week
  • That Alissa and I would also be refreshed the trip