Music Matters

MusicMatters Last night we had an incredible service. The room was more full than it has ever been before. Even with a full band, the volume of the voices was overwhelming and powerful. The Holy Spirit was palpable as He stirred the hearts and affections of people toward Jesus, all to the glory of God. These moments are a taste of eternity as we get to stand in worship in God's presence, among His people.

Music is essential to the church. Singing provides an outlet for response that stirs our souls and gives us the freedom to worship God with our whole bodies. The Bible commands the Church to sing spiritual songs and make melodies to the Lord with our hearts (Eph. 5:19-20). Singing together is an act of worship as we gather. It's amazing how divisive an issue music can be for churches. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that music can divide us, though. Division and dissension can happen any time we elevate matters of personal preference and methodology to the level of doctrinal certitude.

At Redemption Hill Church we sing a variety of songs. Some come directly from Scripture, others have been written by the Church to reflect the beauty of God’s character and His Gospel as revealed in Scripture. We sing ancient hymns that connect us to centuries of Christian worship as well as new songs that flow out the heart of Christians today (Psalm 33:3). Some of our favorites combine the two, as people in our church have written choruses into old hymns, providing an emotional outflow from the doctrine we are proclaiming.

We also use a variety of instrumentation (Psalm 150). At times our music will be more reflective, at other times more celebratory. Some times there is less instrumentation, while in others we follow the biblical command to have loud clashing cymbals (again, Psalm 150). What is most important in our music is that we proclaim the excellencies of our God, who has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light through Christ, by the power of His Spirit (1Pet. 2:9).

In all of this, it is our hope that we will continue to cultivate a culture of worship in our local church that provides an expression of praise to God. Ideally, that will be shaped by the people He has knit together into this church family by His Spirit. Whether the style is acoustic, bluegrass, arena rock, or neo-soul, we want our music and singing to provide an opportunity for worshipful response.

We are in a search right now for the next person to lead our music ministry. If you're interested, or know someone who might be, check out the details and let us know.