Update from Belfast #1

BelfastUpdate1 I arrived in Dublin yesterday morning after the overnight flight. I slept as much as a man my size can sleep on a plane - so not much. After taking a bus up north, I got a quick city tour with Lucas as we ran some errands, picked up his daughter from school, etc. I had a great time with Su and the kids through the afternoon. I love this family. It reminds me way too much of my own.

Then last night Village's leadership team came over for a meal together and a meeting. It was fantastic. I was able to see the community of this church in action and I got to hear the passion with which these people speak about and pray for their church. I had a beautiful time hearing them share what God is doing here and how they are encouraged. We also talked about areas for growth and next steps as they continue to grow and transition to a new phase as a church family. I am excited to spend more time with these folks over the next week.

Today Lucas and I escaped to the north coast and I saw some of the most incredible sights of my life. Ireland is inexpressibly beautiful. Tonight I'm headed to hang out with several of the folks from the leadership team at, where else, a pub.

Thanks for praying for me and for the Village!