Easter Recap

Easter2014 The lead up to Easter Sunday is always intense. Some churches are Christmas churches, some are Easter churches. Redemption Hill Church is definitely an Easter church. DC clears out around Christmas. Easter is a huge celebration for us each year. It gives us the chance to go even further emphasize the core of our worship every Sunday - that Jesus lived the perfect life we are incapable of living, died in our place for our sin, and was raised victoriously on the third day. This is the core of the gospel, and great news!

We had a great night of worship as a church. There were a number of new folks worshiping with us, many of whom were invited by RHC members. We baptized three people as they publicly professed faith in and unity with Jesus. We had at least two others turn to Christ last night. It was fantastic. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully among us and God's grace was shown clearly to us.

We also kicked off a new 8-part series on the Atonement. As part of that series we will show weekly videos that beautifully illustrate the impact Jesus has on invidual lives. Below is Whitney's story. You should watch it.

[vimeo 92474657 w=500 h=281]