When Missional is Not Enough

Evangelism21stCentury_700x300-01I had the privilege of speaking at the Commonwealth Collective leadership training conference in Richmond, VA, on February 8th. The topic is a great one: When Missional is Not Enough. Missional language is thrown around often and, at this point, by a broad sweep of people. At this point the meaning of the word "missional" has become almost indiscernible. Is it a program? A mindset? A philosophy? A particular activity or focus? Put simply, it is an orientation around the mission of God. So, to understand the word missional, at least in a gospel-centered church context, we need to first identify and understand God's mission. Only then can implications be drawn for our churches and for us individually. Click through the links above to tune in and listen. I'd love to hear your thoughts in response.