Called to Ministry? Here are 6 Steps.

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So, you feel called to ministry. What do you do now?

For so many a call to "the ministry" can feel subjective and vague, and in some cases it may be exactly that. Here are some practical steps for you to take:

  1. Remember that every person who has been saved by Jesus is called and commissioned by Him into ministry. Pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders are not a special set of more spiritual Christians. The Church is the Body of Christ and every part is necessary to accomplish His work. So, if you are a Christian you are called to ministry. Congratulations!
  2. Realize that there is no calling to a paycheck. This is critical, especially in light of the unfortunate professionalization of the term "ministry" in our culture. At Redemption Hill Church we place a big emphasis on the fact that all of our Elders are pastors. Some of those elders are bi-vocational, meaning that the church doesn't pay them. If you are fixated on getting paid for ministry, read 1 Corinthians 9 and check your heart. Don't let money become an obstacle to the work of the gospel. You might never get paid for the work you are called to, and that doesn't lessen the calling. If you can do anything else for money while also investing yourself in ministry and be satisfied, do it. If you do get paid at some point, it's just icing on the cake.
  3. Get involved. Now. Don't wait for your dream opportunity. Plug into a local church now and start to serve any way you are needed. A calling to ministry starts now and starts in the place God has put you now. You're not there by accident.
  4. Get feedback. Submit yourself to leaders in your church. Let them know what you are thinking and feeling and ask them for their input - and listen. Ask the people around you for feedback as well. God confirms His calling on people's lives through His people in the church.
  5. Get trained and equipped. This doesn't necessarily mean a formal degree, though it might. The disciples spent about three years in intense training with Jesus and Paul took 14 years to work in the local church in Antioch. Ask the leaders in your church to train you and to point you to any necessary additional training.
  6. Persevere. Your journey will not look like you envision it now. The call to greater ministry opportunity and influence is also a call to greater suffering.