And so it Begins

AndSoItBeginsWhy would I start a blog? This is a question with which I have wrestled for some time. When your life is devoted to timeless truths, new ideas always seem suspicious. The truth is, I don’t know if I have anything new or helpful to offer. My hope, though, is not in my great insight or ability, but in the great news of Jesus Christ and the work He is doing in building His Church by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. That is news worth writing about.   Here are some of the reasons I’m choosing this medium:

  1. It helps me think. This is simply part of the way my brain is wired. Augustine stated of himself, "I am the sort of man who writes because he has made progress, and who makes progress-by writing." This is a medium for others to join me in the journey and engage in the things I am thinking.
  2. The time seems right. Over the past few years the majority of my writing has been in effort to form the foundation for Redemption Hill Church. I never saw myself as one who would plant a church before I found myself thrust into an incredible journey that landed me, and my family, on Capitol Hill. The earliest stages of planting the church are coming to a close, though the work of planting is, Lord willing, just beginning. I have greater margin now than I have over the past three years to broaden my focus in writing.
  3. Because of godly encouragers. Good friends and wise counselors have encouraged me to begin to write some of my material down. This is particularly true as it relates to theological material and the foundational aspects of our work in DC in Redemption Hill Church.
  4. Pastoral responsibility. Pastoral ministry is a ministry of the Word of God. This includes both preaching or teaching and written word. I feel a pastoral responsibility to write because it opens the avenue to work through a broad range of issues and topics.

And so it begins.

I invite you to join me on the journey. I will work to post material regularly that will cover topics like insight into tough passages of the Bible, stories of God’s work in our church, occasional book reviews, commentary on news and culture, and some silly things that will be posted just for the fun of it.

If you have particular issues you would like me to cover, please mention them in the comments below.